If you shake me really well, you’ll get an omelette, so much egg there is on my face. A couple of days ago I said that Bhavin Dhanak would be in the top three of Indian Idol, and now he’s out of the show. In my defence, I did add that he’d have the lottery of the next two rounds to go through—and he’s fallen in the second of them. With three people voted out in each of these episodes, the fifth factor that I mentioned here posed a danger to the good singers: The complacency of fans. It accounted for Bhavin a couple of hours ago and, in my opinion, for Aisha Sayed a couple of days ago. Sonorous sadness sails.

Udit Narayan is a giant. His expressions when singers are singing, the prosaic praise he bestows upon them in his poetic voice, the rapturous smile that often fills his face: they’re all immensely joyous, and I’m sure girls and children would even find it superfreakingcute. I say this because I find a strong need to seize that adjective away from Alisha Chinai, who I’d praised thus a post ago. Her enthusiastic support of Suhit Gosain, who survives in the show, is befuddling: The boy can’t sing! Those who have watched the last two years will know what I mean when I say that Gosain is the Amit Tandon of this season. Like Tandon, his looks and supposed cuteness have gotten him further than he should have come, but he’ll find himself in trouble around the final six or seven. (See factor three here.)

At this stage, my favourites for the last four are Meiyang Chang, Emon Chatterjee, Charu Semwal and Parleen Singh Gill. But if something goes wrong, please give me tomatoes for variety, not eggs!