Paul Potts wins

Paul Potts, Paul Potts, Paul Potts—what to say now? I’d raved about Paul Potts here, and am delighted that he’s won Britain’s Got Talent. There are some murmurs about how, unlike the other contestants, he “has received professional voice training”, and thus “held an unfair advantage over the other five finalists.” I don’t see why that’s a problem. If he’s spent years working hard on his talent without any reward, then that’s all the more reason to root for him.

Anyway, here’s his performance in the final—as in the audition, he performs Nessun Dorma:

And I could swear that halfway through that, when they cut to Simon Cowell, the man was moved. Tra la, emotion!

Update: “There’s my dad!” Hell, Connie Talbot is the sweetest, is she not?

And here’s the announcement of the results.