Rachel Marsden v Pakistan Cricket Fans

Manish brings my attention, via email, to this delightful nugget on Salon:

“Maybe [Pakistani cricket fans] should focus less on cricket and a little more on hygiene,” opined Rachel Marsden on a recent episode of Fox News’ middle-of-the-night talk oddity “Red Eye.”

Heh. The lady’s being groomed to be the next Ann Coulter, we are told, which will certainly ensure for years to come that America is loved around the world. It’s not only non-Americans who face Marsden’s derision, of course. Here’s what she has to say about Al Gore:

Al Gore could really pollute a bathroom … Just look at the guy. If someone doesn’t take away his pork ‘n’ beans, he’s bound to get another one of those ‘gut feelings’ and mistake his own greenhouse gas production for science!

Such a charmer.