Raj Thackeray vs Lashkar-e-Taiba

My good friend Prem Panicker puts it superbly on Twitter:

Oh wow. DNA meanwhile tells me Thackeray’s outfit has told city outlets not to sell music by Pak singers. That’s really getting tough.

We can’t touch Hafeez Saeed and Lakhwi and such so let’s put the screws on Ghulam Ali! I so love Raj Thackeray’s thought process.

The MNS’ bollywood wing boss Ameya Khopkar says shops who sell such music will be dealt with in the MNS way. For those who don’t know how:

Hide when the city is attacked. Wait a month, till you are sure all is safe. Then beat up people for selling books and music.

Twitter forces one to be concise, and you’d think that might be a problem for someone like Prem, who is famous for his detailed cricket reports, running on to many thousands of words. But those fed a certain need (of the far-off NRI hungry for every scrap of information); and these feed another. Prem’s Twitter updates are marvellous: always precise, always hard-hitting. He makes blogs seem so outdated—so 2008.