Reading Up On Deve Gowda

I’d ranted a couple of weeks back about how Indian political parties don’t have the kind of inner-party democracy that American ones do; well, one of them at least has examinations. Rediff reports:

All candidates hoping for a Janata Dal-Secular ticket to contest the elections in Karnataka will now have to pass an examination carried out by none other than party chief and former prime minister HD Deve Gowda.

Even though the question paper for the examination has not been published as yet, sources told that the examination would mainly involve questions pertaining to Gowda himself.

Quite apt, as it’s not the country they’ll have to serve.

If Mastermind returns to India, I wonder if “The Life and Work of HD Deve Gowda” could be a specialist subject. Which brand of sandals does HD Deve Gowda wear? they could ask. And if you haven’t spent enough time close to them, why then, you lose.

(Link via email from Gautam.)