Reality TV Madness

I love watching reality shows: I think they reveal human nature much more than most scripted television shows. Sure, reality TV participants are aware that there’s a camera on them, and they act accordingly—but viewers account for that awareness. The artifice is obvious—and everything else is real.

Human nature isn’t all pretty, of course, and here’s a reality show clip that shows a variety of obnoxious people beating each other up. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as any of these specimens, that’s for sure—but they’re all so familiar.

The language is NSFW—but why the hell is “sister’s penis” used as an abusive term anyway? Some things I’ll never understand.

Oh, and read the comments, they’re priceless.

(Link via email from Mohib.)

Update: Reader Visu points me to a video of what happened before the slapping started. What a show! These guys make the MTV Roadies auditions look like a kindergarten party.