Regulating Affection

WTF news of the day:

Bangalore’s oldest botanical garden, Lalbagh, is getting a trimming. The old bushes and trees are being pruned to ensure that young couples can’t steal a kiss behind them, all thanks to complaints from regular joggers.

The 250-year-old Lalbagh in Bangalore is losing some of its original green cover to protect decency and decorum.

Joggers who have been regulars at the park for decades have complained about young couples getting cosy behind the bushes.

But now the horticulture department has decided to trim these bushes as well as their activities.


On an average 2,000 couples visit the park during holidays and there are only 20 security men to keep an eye on the 240 acres of parkland so bushes have to go.

Pah. I wish the young lovers who hung out there had complained about joggers disturbing them, and demanded more green cover. And check out what one of the people supporting this move has to say:

It’s actually a disgusting scene to see people hug and sit down. Little children who see that also learn the same thing.

Yes, hugging and sitting down will corrupt our youth. Joy.

(Link via email from Gautam John.)