Sarah Palin, Poet Laureate

Sarah Palin may not be fit to govern America, but going by her recent spontaneous bursts of poetry, she could certainly be the next American poet laureate. Slate has some samples of her formidable oeuvre here—my favourite:

by Sarah Palin

I am a Washington outsider.
I mean,
Look at where you are.
I’m a Washington outsider.

I do not have those allegiances
To the power brokers,
To the lobbyists.
We need someone like that.

(Recited to C. Gibson, ABC News, Sept. 11, 2008)

I especially love the irony inherent in the transformation of “I am a” to “I’m a” in the course of a stanza, which reveals a subtle genius entirely wasted on politics. So there’s another reason not to vote for her ticket.

(Link via email from Scribbler. More Palin: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.)