Sari vs Salwar Kameez

Right now, it’s 1-0 to Sari. The Times of India tells us about a young lady in Patna who was caught cheating in her exams in rather unusual circumstances:

Answers to different probable questions were written in fine handwriting on the pleats and borders of the sari worn by the examinee.

I can imagine the lady in question not finding an answer she is sure she has written down, and unwrapping her sari furiously as she looks for it. Time is running out, answer is elusive, sari unwraps. Petticoat emerges. Everyone else fails.

Anyway, you know the score. And yes, I know salwars have pleats too, especially them volumnious Patiala thingies, but there are logistical issues, as a kameez or kurta or kurti hides them, and you need to lift that out of the way before you can stare nonchalantly at your lap. Most complicated.

And what about the guys? I suggest they study.