Sexy = Intelligent?

William Saletan of Slate sums it up:

A study says curvy women are smarter. Sample: 16,000 females. Result: Women with high ratios of hip to waist size “scored significantly higher on [cognitive] tests, as did their children.” Theories: 1) Hip fat contains omega3 acids, which promote “growth of the brain during pregnancy” and “could improve the woman’s own mental abilities,” whereas waist fat has more omega6 acids, “which are less suited to brain growth.” 2) Teen mothers produce dumber kids because they’re thinner and deficient in omega3. 3) Men like curvy women due to “the double enticement of both an intelligent partner and an intelligent child.” Skeptical reactions: 1) The omega3 theory is pure speculation. 2) Diet and class are more plausible explanations. 3) Men don’t care that much about waist-to-hip ratio. Rosy feminist spin: “Research that proves you can be sexy and intelligent is really positive.” Cynical feminist spin: Except when it implies that being unshapely makes you stupid.

Nothing about men, you will note, which means my lack of attractiveness doesn’t mean I’m stupid. That makes me very happy. Besides, I wear glasses, and I’m sure some study or the other must call that either smart or sexy. I’m a master of wishful thinking.

Meanwhile, Rediff does a round-up of India’s smartest women.

(Slate link via email from Sruthijith.)