Soft Beckhams, Popular Beckhams, Hardcore Beckhams

In Japan, what are ‘Soft Beckhams’, ‘Popular Beckhams’ and ‘Hardcore Beckhams’ types of?

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Pubic hairstyles. More from Mainichi Daily News:

“Soft Beckhams” are those where the hair is allowed to grow freely but it curls back to form a natural peak.

“Popular Beckhams” involves brushing the hair into a Mohican style and then using nail clippers to trim the protrusion.

“Hardcore Beckhams” are those preferred by ejaculation industry workers and girls of the type who mimic pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki and bleach the hair on their heads blonde and wear colored contact lenses. These women dye the locks that form the ridge of the pubic hair so that it differs in color from the surrounding mane.

Question by Harshil Shah