Some Say Wild Boar

If you’d like to do some wildlife tourism, but are too busy swishing in and out of offices and airports, I have a solution for you: find some work in Nagpur and fly there. DNA reports:

The upgraded international airport at Nagpur may look swanky, but wild animals in the vicinity of the sprawling aerodrome premises continue to threaten flying operations.

The latest scare came on Tuesday night, when an Indian Airlines flight IC 736 with 27 passengers aboard ran over a pig (some say wild boar), which had strayed into the runway, during take-off at the Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, official sources said. The city airport, spread over an area of 1,460 acres, is home to wild animals like nilgais, cheetals and wild boars.

I feel sorry for the boars. Being run over by a plane must hurt (momentarily), but being called a pig, as if boars are Indian men, must hurt even more.

In more airport news, Udhay Shankar N quotes Aadisht Khanna’s experiences at Bangalore’s new airport on his blog.

And, in the WTF piece of the day, DNA reporter Aastha Atray Banan writes that “we live in a world where fashion matters,” and proceeds to tell us her idea of “the ideal airport wear.” T-shirt and jeans won’t do; salwar kurtas are “the traditional equivalent of the T-shirt and jeans”; tracks make her “shudder.”

I hope she runs into a wild boar one of these days.