Take It Easy

The anecdote of the day comes from Roger Cohen in the IHT:

When Stanley Cohen, the close friend and attorney to the artist Alexander Calder, moved to Paris in the 1960s, he ordered The Sunday New York Times. It would arrive the following Wednesday. He would take the paper and store it unread until Saturday night. Then he would place it outside his door so that, on Sunday morning, he had the illusion of finding his beloved paper waiting for him.

I like that story. It’s a reminder of how to control rather than be a slave to time, of the need to be imaginative and humble in our thankfulness, and of the fact news can wait a week.

And on that note, I’m off for the weekend guiltlessly. I’ll be in Poona, with only Hutch GPRS at hand, which is to internet access what tricycles are to intercontinental travel. Blogging may therefore be sparse. And I am certain I will get all stressed out trying to unwind furiously before there is no time left to unwind anymore. Sigh.

(Link via Silk-list.)