Telepathy, Aliens And Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss has a late-night version of its program after midnight, in which they were showing an unedited feed from inside the house today. Raja Choudhary, Rahul Mahajan and Ashutosh Kaushik were sitting in the living room. They were speaking about the powers of the mind. Raja said (I translate from memory):

See, it is 100% proven that telepathy exists. In fact, I will tell you why we don’t use it today, and why it has become dormant in us. We don’t use it because we don’t need to. We have mobile phones.

I swear he was dead serious.

Rahul then said (again, translated from memory):

Let me tell you about an area in which I have done a lot of research. All the great scientific discoveries took place between 1850 and 1950, in those 80 years [sic]. For thousands of years before that, nothing. Then suddenly, in 80 years, all these great discoveries, like the steam engine, which we still use today.

So my question is, why? Isn’t it strange that these discoveries were made in these 80 years and not for thousands of years before that, when people were just as intelligent? Why were these formulas given to these particular private individuals?

You may wish to know his answer. I couldn’t make out exactly what his theory was, but aliens were involved. Immense WTFness.

Such stupidity aside, I love the show. It’s full of drama, intrigue and pettiness—the stuff of life.