The Barbers Strike Back

Once again real life imitates farce. The Economic Times reports:

After courting controversy days ahead of its release, Shah Rukh Khan’s latest film ‘Billu Barber’ will see the term ‘barber’ dropped from its hoardings and posters across the country following objections from an association of hairdressers, terming it “derogatory”.

The actor-producer, who spoke to representatives of the Salon and Beauty Parlors’ Association over the issue, on Sunday said his production house Red Chillies Entertainment will ensure that the term ‘barber’ is removed from all hoardings.

“The Salon and Beauty Parlors’ Association” sounds like it’s right out of satire, doesn’t it. If Raj Kapoor’s Shri 420 was released today, a Thieves and Dacoits Association of India might well have turned up to protest at the title—and the producers would then have to cut “420” from the title, leaving just “Shri.” All you Bollywood producers reading this, idiot-proof your titles right away.

(Link via email from Paras Berawala.)