The Bhises and the Botaljis

In my 34 years of existence, I have accumulated little knowledge and less wisdom, but there is one useful piece of advice I can offer you with absolute certainty: Never deny a mango to a Maharashtrian. The Times of India has a report today of the terrible consequences of one such cruel denial:

The daughter of the Bhises was being married to the Botaljis’ son. Just before the ceremony, the Botaljis demanded that their relatives be served aam ras. The Bhises expressed their inability on grounds that the menu for the occasion was decided between the two parties a long time ago and it was not possible to arrange for aam ras at the last moment. This led to the cancellation of the marriage.

Needless to say, a police complaint was filed in this case—by the groom’s side. I’m sure feminists will complain and demand an Anti-Mango Law, but I don’t think they’ll get far in our patriarchal society—and, more to the point, in summer.

PS: I’m not even sure that Botaljis are Maharashtrian, but the report says they’re from Talegaon-Dabhade, so I’m assuming they are. Why spoil a good parable?

(Link via email from Saurabh.)