The Business Of Terror

The line of the day comes via email from Neelakantan, who, reacting to this, says:

Clearly, setting up a terror attack in India is a lot easier than setting up a business.

There are immense satirical possibilities in the government introducing licensing for terror attacks. I can imagine a short story named “A License For Terror” in which a dude named Hari applies to the Department of Terrorism for a license to set up a terror attack. “But you’re not Muslim,” the bureaucrat tells him. “We can’t give you a license.” So Hari, desperate to blow something up, goes and converts, and comes back as Mufeed. But Mufeed now finds that the previous reason given by the bureaucrat was an excuse, the chap just wanted chai-pani. The conversion was in vain. So Mufeed…

But I’m not going to tell you how it ends. What if I end up writing it?

Update: “India terrorizes fedayeen,” reports Manish Vij.