The Clinton Meat Cleaver

Historical quote of the day:

When someone is beating you over the head with a hammer, don’t sit there and take it. Take out a meat cleaver and cut off their hand.

That’s Bill Clinton speaking in 1981, as quoted by Karen Tumulty and David Von Drehle in Time Magazine. Things sure haven’t changed—even though Barack Obama doesn’t have a hammer, Hillary Clinton is certainly putting her meat cleaver to use.

In Slate, John Dickerson writes about the damage this is doing the Democratic Party. And Markos Moulitsas writes in Daily Kos that he opposes Clinton because “she cannot win without overturning the will of the national Democratic electorate and fomenting civil war, and she doesn’t care. [My emphasis.]”

Of course she doesn’t care. It’s all about her, her, her, and that’s somehow supposed to be empowering for women. Heh.