The Creaking Fan

It’s news when a rich industrialist’s wife spends a night in jail like this:

In the barrack, [Name Redacted on request] was made to sleep on a thin, prickly coir mattress with around 50 hardcore criminals and a swarm of mosquitoes for company.

The creaking fan overhead, jail sources say, moves too slowly to beat the collective heat of bodies and the stench around, thanks to gutkha-chewing undertrials.

But it’s not news when other undertrials, innocent until proven guilty, have to spend nights, even weeks, months, perhaps years in such conditions. That’s the real scandal, but we take it for granted, we know the system’s broken. But when Mrs [name redacted] has to spend a night in such conditions, going chheee in a prison cell instead of mua at a party, that’s newsworthy. See now.