The Dayavan Kiss and the Censor Board Lady

The Bollywood revelation of the day comes from Feroz Khan:

When the censor board lady objected to the two-minute kiss in Dayavan I asked her, ‘Haven’t you experienced this or else your husband is not a romantic man, ignoring a beautiful lady like you?’

Charming. (I wish he’d tried that line for a full-on sex scene.) I can imagine the censor board lady, presumably a 55-year-old housewife, going home and confronting her husband.

Censor board lady: You haven’t kissed me in 20 years now!

Husband: Eh? Where did that come from? It’s time for my tea.

Lady: You are not a romantic man!

Husband: Eh? Where did that come from? Can you repair the tear in my banyan please?

Lady: I am a beautiful lady and you are ignoring me!

Husband: Eh? Where did that come from? Didn’t I buy you a saree just three years ago?

Lady: That was three years ago.

Husband: Okay, I’ll buy you another saree then. And if you really want a kiss… [gets up to kiss]

Lady: Ugh. Coming to think of it, saree will do. Let’s go to Kala Niketan.