The Inspiring Mayawati

Who says modern politicians aren’t inspiring? Consider this statement:

I was proud to see Mayawati on stage with several men, talking to the crowds. It inspired an old woman like me.

The above quote, as per Mid Day, was uttered by “a toothless Saku Mhaske (75) from Gondhia.” The same report described Mayawati’s speech as “so boring that some of her own party workers dozed off halfway through the speech.”

Indeed, I saw her on TV the other day after the bomb blasts in UP, and she took what seemed like half an hour to announce that the victims would get compensation. The average gap between words was so large that Atal Behari Vajpayee could have recited the Ramayana in them. Er, at least an abridged version. Um, at least, like, the name of the epic in question.

Ok, fine, I exaggerate. They’re made for each other. They both speak slowly. And both have been on stage with several men. It’s inspiring.