The Lifeboat Syndrome

Mohit Satyanand writes in regarding my post about Ratan Tata’s interview:

Ratan Tata says he was inspired to develop the car when he saw a family of four lurching along on a scooter. Such moments of insight inspire relevant products, whether one ascribes them to compassion or to marketing genius.

Meanwhile the custodians of our ‘environment’ carp about how the Nano will ruin our lives. What they really mean is worsen the quality of their air without improving the quality or safety of their commute, which is already very comfortable, thank you very much. I confess that I am making an unvalidated assumption here, namely that when Mr Pachauri clocks up hundreds of thousands of frequent flier miles a year, he doesn’t take the local bus to the airport.

This syndrome is referred to as the lifeboat syndrome – once you are aboard, you’ll do everything possible to keep others off. And people like this head organisations that get the Peace Prize?