The Lip Synchronisation of Rahul Gandhi

It takes extraordinary delusion to think that Indian hockey is not in a crisis, and KPS Gill is extraordinarily delusionary. Check out this excerpt from an interview of his in Tehelka:

Tehelka: Rahul Gandhi strongly criticised the hockey administration and the selection process.

Gill: The statement was carefully doctored. You watch the lip synchronisation. Immediately after he says it, he talks about cricket. The whole thing was taken out of context. The boys at the Orissa hostel (where the statement was made) will obviously say that the best players were not selected.

Tehelka: So it was irresponsible on the part of Rahul Gandhi?

Gill: I don’t think he made that statement. I don’t think the statement was made in the manner it was made out to be. [My emphasis.]

After all this, thank FSM for Sharad Pawar and Lalit Modi. Indian cricket has tons of problems, and some people cite a government takeover of the BCCI as a solution. I think that would make things worse. Look at Indian hockey. Look at any sport run by the government. Hell, just look at KPS Gill.

(Link via email from Nelson.)