The most irritating song ever

“You’re beautiful” by James Blunt, according to this poll.

I rather like that song, but I suppose I haven’t been overexposed to it like the people who voted on that poll. For them, it must be as overplayed as Himesh Reshammiya’s songs are here. (Can you listen to “Aap Ka Surrrroooorrr” 8000 times?) It also depends on which generation you belong to: I’m in my early thirties, and my all-time most irritating songs would be the 70s cliches like “Hotel California” and “Smoke on the Water” that buffoons in college would play all the time (at the start of the 90s!), the kind of chaps who had heard only eight bands in their lives (Eagles, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Led Zep etc etc) and had no time or space for anything else because that made them feel cool. I even remember one of them picking up an album in my hostel room once and wisecracking, “For whom is Tom Waiting?” Pah!

(Link via Gautam John.)