The newest currency in town: The Raam

The BBC informs us about a new currency started by a group called the Global Country of World Peace, set up by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, called the Raam. Check it out:


The currency is being used as unofficial tender in Holland, as well as in the Maharishi Vedic City in the US state of Iowa. All quite droll, and I’m particularly amused by this bit:

Benjamin Feldman, ‘Minister of Finance’ of the Maharishi movement, told BBC News Online the raam could be used to battle poverty and create world peace.

He said governments could use the raam to start up agricultural and other development projects around the world.

Perhaps Mr Feldman and his followers function in a spiritual realm where the traditional laws of economics do not apply. A bit like R’lyeh, maybe, with its famously non-Euclidean geometry.

I think there should be a Cthulhu currency.

(BBC link via email from Prabhu.

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