The Shah of Entertainment

Indian cricket provides us with the best of sport and entertainment. The cricketers provide the sport; the cricket administrators provide the entertainment. The tireless and brave Prem Panicker trawls through mountains of cricket coverage every day to bring us the very best, and nothing beats this remarkable interview of Niranjan Shah, BCCI’s secretary, by Mihir Srivastava of Tehelka:

Tehelka: For the sake of argument, what is the more important criterion for selection: performance or rotation policy? Would you drop the best performing players for rotation policy?

Shah: Rahul’s performance is not there. Lakshman’s performance is not there.

Tehelka: I am talking about Ganguly. He has done well.

Shah: Lakshman has done well too.

Ignore the misspelling of VVS Laxman’s name—isn’t this just priceless? Who needs Bollywood?

Update: Actually, the excerpt quoted above isn’t remotely as funny as the last answer in that interview, which reminds me of this young lady. It is incredible. It is so good that no one could have made it up. Wow.