The Unintended Consequences Of Traffic

I recently discovered something I hadn’t known about the 2005 terrorist attacks in Bangalore:

Intelligence agencies consider the attack on the Indian Institute of Science in Bengalaru on December 28, 2005, as one that went horribly wrong for the terrorists. An attack that could have ended with a very high body count went awry because a terrorist with a bagful of grenades was caught in one of Bangalore’s nightmarish traffic jams and could not make it to the venue on time.

The shooter, who was waiting at the IISc campus and who was supposed to open fire on the crowd after the planned grenade explosions, lost patience and started firing.

The terrorist trapped in traffic, later identified as Abu Hamza, swiftly escaped to Pakistan.

Just imagine if Hamza had been overcome by road rage. Dude in the car in front is slow to react to green light because he’s on the phone, because of that they both miss the signal, and Hamza has to wait another six minutes while the dude ahead keeps jabbering. And there are grenades…

(Link via email from Ambuj.)