Time Off

There’s been a death in the family and blogging will be infrequent over the next few days. Until then, three links sent to me by readers to help you through these difficult days:

1] A Gaybombay survey reveals the hottest players in the IPL. When I received Vikram Doctor’s SMS about it, I tried to guess, through my straight lens, who would top the poll. I was way off: Shane Watson figured low down in the list. Now you guess who won.

2] Jonathan Leake of The Sunday Times explains why “txting mks u clvr.” Do you think it could be said that txting is the Twenty20 of writing? If so, I guess I’m Aakash Chopra—and willfully so. (Link via email from VatsaL.)

3] And this is just Dam Funny. (Link via email from Mohit.)

Shabba khair now, and take good care of yourself.