Train Baby

It can only happen in India:

A newborn baby girl survived an ignoble birth after slipping down the toilet bowl of a moving Indian train onto the tracks when a pregnant woman unexpectedly gave birth while relieving herself on Tuesday.

“My delivery was so sudden,” said the Bhuri Kalbi, the mother of the infant, born two months prematurely. “I did not even realize that my child had slipped from the hole in the toilet.”

Luckily the girl was okay, “lying uninjured on pebbles by the track.” And now it is reported:

Jodhaa for valour or Karishma for miracle? Parents of the survivor-against-all-odds baby, the 1.4 kg girl who had a delivery through her mother’s womb into the toilet bowl of a running train and then right onto the tracks, have zeroed in on these two names.

Had the child been a boy, they could have named him Lalu and finished the matter there.

(ToI link via email from Sumeet Wadhwa.)