Truly Exotic Food

Sarah Palin comes to India and wants to visit a dhaba. Sonia Gandhi takes her to a dhaba on the road to UP. They order. The food comes. Palin takes a bite.

Palin: Eeks. Waiter, waiter, come here.

Sonia: Wait, he won’t come if you call. Let me call him. Manmohanji!

Waiter Manmohan: Yes madam. Is the food okay?

Palin: No, it isn’t. I ordered Moose Masala. This doesn’t taste like moose to me.

Waiter Manmohan: That’s right madam, moose not available here. Local food inspector Kamal Nathji won’t allow. This is a replacement. Very exotic dish, you will like.

Palin: But I wanted moose! Anyway, what meat is this then?

Waiter Manmohan: Madam, this is lightly braised human foetus, freshly sourced from a tribe threatened by extinction.

Palin: My god! How dare you?

Waiter Manmohan: But I thought you will like, Madam. Haven’t you read Nilanjana Roy’s latest column?