Usha Uthup and the Communists

India’s communists may be drunk on power because of their clout at the centre, but there are some people they really shouldn’t mess with. Describing a CPI(M) rally in Kerala recently, India Today writes:

No sooner had [VS] Achuthanandan ended his speech, the newly re-elected state Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan rushed to the stage, seething with rage. “Is this a communist rally or an Usha Uthup rock show that you dance and revel like this?” said Vijayan and told the volunteers to rein in the bad hats. Uthup later took exception to the remark forcing Vijayan to clarify that he meant no offence.

Joy. I’ve searched for a YouTube clip of Achuthanandan singing “Dum Maro Dum” in a saree, but I haven’t found it yet. I’m sure if all Indian communists did that, they’d be taken more seriously.