Vote For India Uncut In The Weblog Awards

The Weblog Awards, where India Uncut has been nominated for Best Asian Blog, is on for two more days. With readers allowed to vote once every 24 hours, that means you have two votes left, should you wish to bring home this award. So:

Vote now!

Regular voters would no doubt have noted that the healthy lead I’ve held from the start has now vanished. The manner in which this has happened—most of it disappeared in a two-hour spell a few hours ago—is befuddling, and Deepak Iyer points me to this message board entry that might provide some clues. I have no idea if cheating is actually going on, and will not make that assumption about anyone unless proof is there. That said, I am also taking the numbers up there right now with a pinch of salt.

In previous years, the organisers of the awards have apparently looked at voting logs and removed all fraudulent votes. In case someone has been up to some mischief, I presume that will happen again—a massive bank of votes from the same IP, for example, would be hard to ignore. So I’d recommend that you keep on voting in good faith, and ignore the numbers until they are ratified. And even if you figure out how to cheat—I was tipped off about it, and it works—please do not resort to any such methods. If we don’t win this fair and square, playing by the rules of the game, we don’t want this.

Thank You!