I am pleased to inform my readers that Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2007 is w00t. I hadn’t even heard of this word until a few months ago. I am, thus, reminded of how old I am, and consequently, of my mortality. This is most depressing—though the word is rather nice, and I am even contemplating making it a category of this site, much like WTF. Yes, that’s a good idea—things that make me happy shall be filed under w00t.

Given my morbid disposition, of course, it is quite possible that I shall not have occasion anytime soon to begin posting in this category. Still, it opens up a possibility.

And no doubt you will agree with me that w00t is a far better choice than The New Oxford American Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2006. Boring, that one, and certainly not category material.

(Links via email from the indefatigable Sanjeev Naik.)

Morose update: The two central characters of the word this post is about are zeros, and are supposed to appear larger than the ‘w’ and the ‘t’. However, the font on this darned blog of mine is such that the zero (0) appears as small as a small ‘o’. When I saw that, I changed the zeros to capital Os (so 0 became O and w00t became wOOt), which looked right, but would offend any pedant, because it was wrong. I have now changed it back, so it is right, but looks wrong.

These are the kind of trivial matters that cause me sleepless nights. Does anyone know the antonym of