Water too hot

Sharad Pawar is quoted as saying about Greg Chappell:

Definitely there is a responsibility to train properly but at the same time one can show water too hot but cannot compel him to drink.

Sigh. You know what happened here, don’t you? Pawar probably said something to the effect of how you can “show water to horse etc”, a clumsily phrased mangling to begin with. The journalist who transcribed it misheard it, and typed it mindlessly. He did not re-read his copy. His editor did not read his copy. And—this is PTI text— the people at the publication that carried this story did not read the copy.

And thank goodness for all of that. Who would entertain us if all journalists were competent? Your daddy or what?

(Link via email from my favourite journalist friend, Rahul Bhatia.)