Yuvraj Singh’s Choice

The WTF quote of the day comes from Shabnam Singh, Yuvraj Singh’s mom:

Whoever Yuvi ends up marrying would have to be his choice. But, of course, I would need to approve of her.

Also, says Shabnam, “she should also be able to pack well and take care of his clothes.”

This is the kind of mom who deserves a gay son. Or at least a horrid vixen of a daughter-in-law. L’that only!

(Link via email from Soniya.)

Update: A couple of readers have written in asking if I am implying that having a gay child is a punishment. Of course not! But a lady like Yuvi’s mom would see it that way, thus the lighthearted quip.

If I ever have children, I won’t be perturbed if they’re gay or left-handed or have blue eyes or whatever. See the quip in context, please.