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Amit Varma is a writer based in Mumbai. He worked in journalism for over a decade, and won the Bastiat Prize for Journalism in 2007. His bestselling novel, My Friend Sancho, was published in 2009. He is best known for his blog, India Uncut. His current project is a non-fiction book about the lack of personal and economic freedoms in post-Independence India.

Bastiat Prize 2007 Winner

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04 December, 2009

The Indibloggies Are On

Being a three-time winner, I was inducted into the Indibloggies Hall of Fame this year, which means that I don’t get to take part from now onwards. But I can still vote! So here are the blogs I voted for, all of which I recommend highly:

Best Indiblog: Smoke Signals by Prem Panicker.
Best New Indiblog: Let’s Put Da by Ramesh Srivats.
Best New Indi Microblog: Prem Panicker, again.
Best Humanities Indiblog: Jabberwock by Jai Arjun Singh.
Most Humorous Indiblog: Son of Bosey by the brilliant Anand Ramachandran.
Best Science/Technology Indiblog: Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal.

There are other nominees worth checking out, but these are my personal favourites. Do check them out and vote for them if you feel like. You don’t need to vote in every category, by the way, just the ones you’re familiar with.

I totally feel like Sonia Gandhi right now. Like, where’s my starched sari?

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