Carla Bruni and Indian Culture

The WTF quote of the day comes from a lady named Chitra Danger on the subject of Nicolas Sarkozy visiting India with his girlfriend, Carla Bruni:

The very idea of a head of state visiting India in an official capacity with his girlfriend is in very poor taste and shows extreme insensitivity to our older, more traditional culture.

Danger, it seems, is “director of the Center for International Protocol and Etiquette in Hyderabad,” which is enough to elicit a WTF reaction on its own. I think she’s way out of touch with the times here. Our celebrity-obsessed media will almost certainly go gaga over Bruni, especially if she wears a saree or a salwar kameez at some point, and Sarkozy’s visit will be covered with far greater interest than any head of state has received in the past.

Thankfully, our government disagrees with Danger as well.

As for Saudi Arabia

(Link via Udayan Tripathi’s promising new blog, Butterfly Lane.)

Update (Januaru 11): Ouch. It seems the government’s denied Bruni first lady status.