A Royal Procession

On what list will you find the following:

61. King Harald V of Norway
83. Princess Margarita of Romania
92. Hereditary Prince Peter of Serbia
184. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
213. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark
782. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

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Question by Amit Varma

Soft Beckhams, Popular Beckhams, Hardcore Beckhams

In Japan, what are ‘Soft Beckhams’, ‘Popular Beckhams’ and ‘Hardcore Beckhams’ types of?

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Pubic hairstyles. More from Mainichi Daily News:

“Soft Beckhams” are those where the hair is allowed to grow freely but it curls back to form a natural peak.

“Popular Beckhams” involves brushing the hair into a Mohican style and then using nail clippers to trim the protrusion.

“Hardcore Beckhams” are those preferred by ejaculation industry workers and girls of the type who mimic pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki and bleach the hair on their heads blonde and wear colored contact lenses. These women dye the locks that form the ridge of the pubic hair so that it differs in color from the surrounding mane.

Question by Harshil Shah

Vedic dwelling

It is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘dwelling’ or a building used for residential purposes. The first mention of this is found in the Yajurveda. The first book on this subject is believed to have been written about 3000 years back by saint Vishwakarma.Which word?

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Question by Akshat Kumar

A painter derailed by circumstance

The self-portrait below is a homage to Vincent Van Gogh, and is painted by someone who once described herself as a “painter derailed by circumstance.” Who?


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Joni Mitchell.


Question by Amit Varma

A sign in Vermont

Between 1976 and 1994, a sign hung outside the Cavendish General Store in southern Vermont:

THE _____ _____

Fill in the blanks.

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(Source: Resurrection by David Remnick.)

Question by Amit Varma

To please women over 30…

This 1999 movie was based on a book by Homer Hickam. However, a poll conducted by Universal Pictures suggested that women over 30 would not watch the movie if it had the same title as the book did. So, in order to broaden the appeal of the movie, it was given a title that was an anagram of the book’s title. Name the movie.

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October Sky (an anagram of Rocket Boys).

Question by Aniruddha Gupta

“You deserve happiness”

I ask you to forgive me for not fulfilling the hopes of those people who believed that we would be able to jump from the grey, stagnating, totalitarian past into a bright, rich and civilised future in one go. I myself believed in this. But it could not be done in one fell swoop… I am leaving. I have done everything I could… In saying farewell, I wish to say to each of you the following. Be happy. You deserve happiness. You deserve happiness and peace.

Who, and on what occasion?

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Boris Yeltsin resigning and handing over power to Vladimir Putin.

Question by Amit Varma

Richard Melville Hall

Musician Richard Melville Hall has released music under a number of names. The one he is most well-known by is also his childhood nickname, and is in tribute to his great-great-grandfather, who was a famous writer himself. What name do we best know him by?

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Moby, in tribute to (great-great-grandfather) Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

Question by Ajay Bhat