Dara Singh Wants Cable TV

PTI reports:

Dara Singh, serving life sentence for the killing of Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two minor sons, has launched a hunger strike demanding cable TV facility in his prison cell in Keonjhar, jail officials said on Sunday.


Dara in his letter to the jail authorities has stated that he was forced to go on hunger strike as his request for cable TV or DTH facility went unheeded, he said. He added that he would also like to be provided with an Xbox 360 and a free copy of “Dead or Alive 4”.

Ok, fine, I made up that last line about the Xbox. But I don’t see why taxpayers money should go into providing Singh—or anyone else—with cable TV. The sense of entitlement is audacious—I recommend they let his hunger strike succeed. I don’t pay taxes so that Dara Singh can watch Kkkkkusum.