I Love Tofu


Check out the license plate above. AP informs us that Kelly Coffman-Lee, a woman in Denver, wanted to announce her love for tofu to the world through this license plate for her car. But “the Division of Motor Vehicles” there did not give her permission because “they thought the combination of letters could be interpreted as profane.”

Sigh. While this is an amusing misunderstanding, I don’t actually see why even the allegedly profane interpretation of the license plate is objectionable. Is there any non-foetus kid out there who hasn’t heard about fugging? If I saw a license plate that seemed to say “I love to fug you”, I would find it funny and maybe even endearing. (Unless Raj Thackeray was driving that particular car at 100mph towards a group of Bihari labourers.) I certainly wouldn’t be offended by it—and it contains nothing that kids need to be protected from.

Of course, I’m not a parent, so I have no locus standi on this matter. But I do love tofu—what about you?

(Link via email from Arjun. Picture courtesy MSNBC.)