Mrs Gandhi, Throw Arjun A Bone

Loyalty, thy name was dog. It is now Arjun Singh. NDTV reports:

A day after being reportedly snubbed by Sonia Gandhi, Arjun Singh has reacted saying that he would always be loyal to her and her family. […]

The union minister said that when he met Pundit Nehru in 1960, he pledged his total loyalty to Nehru and his family and have scrupulously adhered to it. He also said that he shall do everything to maintain the loyalty and commitment to remaining members of the family till he lives.

I think Singh deserves greater reward than just the Ministry of Human Resource Development. What about handing him additional charge of the Ministry of Canine Resource Development?

(Link via email from Girish, who asks, “What about [loyalty to] the country?” Heh.)