Nigerian Scamster Pwns Indian Customs Official

You can’t make this shit up. Mumbai Mirror reports that the superintendent of Customs Intelligence has been scammed by a Nigerian scamster, and has “lost Rs 7.5 lakh to the racket that had declared him the winner of $1 million through a ‘lucky dip’ contest, which was organised by a certain Orange Communications Pvt Ltd.” The report adds:

The customs officer – whom we can’t name because he still hasn’t made an official statement – has now asked the police for a few more days before he believes that he has actually been cheated.

“He asks, ‘how can such a well-drafted email with the logo of Orange Communications be fake?’ He believes Orange Communications is the parent company of Vodafone, and since he has a Vodafone number, he is a natural beneficiary,” an officer with the JJ Marg Police Station disclosed.

“He even argued that the mail has a logo of the renowned Natwest Bank.”

My theory—he’s incredulous that an entity other than the government could possibly rob people on such a scale. The nerve!