The Writing on the Wall

CNN-IBN reports:

Men treating walls as public toilets is a common problem across this country, but Ghaziabad administration has come up with a unique solution.

Fed up with the men treating city walls as public toilets, the city administration has installed mirrors on the walls with the slogan “What you do, the world sees” inscribed alongside.

The move is aimed at all those who see a dry wall and feel it’s their duty to wet it. The idea is to let people reflect on their wrong doings and broadcast their acts live to passersbys. [sic all along.]

See how modernity is destroying our traditions? If our young men cannot pee in front of walls, where will they pee? They might as well install treadmills in front of these mirrors next and play hip-hop on the streets. Pah.

(Link via email from Sandeip.)