Tweets From Beyond The Grave

Social networking takes a whole new dimension. HT reports:

This Halloween, Twitter users will get the chance to communicate with departed film stars in the world’s first online séance, according to a report on The Sun.

Tweeters can choose which of their deceased idols they want to talk to, pick a question — then follow the “Tweance” in real time using the social networking site.

Twe-fuckin’-ance? Unbelievable. I think it’s about time Pratibha Patil gets on Twitter. She’s already good at speaking to spirits, after all.

And while we’re at it, why not extend the participation of the dead and have a Bigg Boss season just for dead people? Instead of an eviction every week, you could have an exorcism. And ya, as a wild card, we could still have Kamal R Khan in there. If the spirits are as snobbish as some of the current BB participants, they’ll probably just look straight through him.