Kangana Ranaut in Yorkshire

Ah, how misleading pictures can be. I’d assumed from the picture here a few days ago that Kangana Ranaut was wearing a skin-color thingie under her dress at the IIFA Awards in Yorkshire—I think it was the way the shadow fell on her neck that gave me that impression. Well, other pictures—like this one—make it clear that I was wrong, and from a close-up I saw in one of the papers but can’t find online, it seemed that the straplike thingie holding her dress together was a piece of cellotape, perhaps hastily improvised to prevent a wardrobe malfunction. Bummer.

Sakshi wrote in to remind me of this, and in her post on Kangana, she says:

I am cent-percent sure that she has officially set a new record in terms of depth (low cut) and exposure of side-boobs ever to be displayed by a Bollywood actor at an event.

I’m a huge fan of side-boobs, and records are meant to be broken. Go for it, someone.

(No, not you Salman. Put your shirt back on and go hunt a chinkara or something.)

PS: I think Kangana is incredibly gorgeous even with all her clothes on. More power to gorgeousity.