The United Chaddis Of Maharashtra

PTI informs us:

It may be a while before criticism over the quality of bullet-proof vests worn by the Mumbai police during the 26/11 attacks dies down but Maharashtra Home Minister Jayant Patil is busy launching a vest brand named after him.

“The ‘Jayant’ brand of banians and gents knickers would be formally launched on Monday by Bollywood hunk John Abraham,” said an official in the textile park promoted by Patil.

It’s natural for celebs to want perfumes or brands of high-fashion clothing named after them—but gents knickers? Our home minister is a man who always aspired to have underwear named after him? Pinch me, someone.

And if his private sector exploits function like the government does, you might well buy a box of Jayant Chaddis to find there are no chaddis inside. So you ask the company salesman wtf happened, why there are no chaddis. And he’ll say, “Of course there are chaddis, and they’re better chaddis than any chaddis opposition brands can provide. But just to satisfy you, we’ll set up a committee to investigate if the chaddi is functioning properly. Turn around please.”

(Link via email from Kapil.)